Taking Minimalism Too Far: Guilt and Punishment

17 Jun 2017 - keyser

Getting started with minimalism is exciting. You see all these bloggers (or vloggers, more often nowadays), pinterest boards, and artboards with all these different styles and approaches. You start decluttering, saving money, moving furniture around.

And suddenly, one day, you see an item. You WANT it but, do you really need it? Does it serve a purpose? You should probably throw it away, but you set it aside. And then…


We’ve all been there at one moment or another, maybe even before we knew minimalism was a thing. But when we see all these extreme minimalists or just regular people with super neat, clean, minimal apartments, we are at risk of it becoming something toxic. So, let me jump straight to the point: If you ever start to feel guilty, or like you have to punish yourself by not buying something you really want, stop.

That’s the time to make a pause and take a breather. Remind yourself  that minimalism is about taking what stresses you out (Items making your apartment messy, toxic people in your life/social media, etc.) and getting rid of it. If you are at a point where you are feeling anxious about having too many material items, and find yourself feeling punished when you dispose of something, then you’re perpetrating the exact same thing a hoarder does: obsession. And so, it will harm you as much as having millions of items and millions of toxic people around you. Why? Because you are being your own toxicity.

Always remember, minimalism is supposed to be something fun and calming, not a race to number 0.