Minimalistic Style (Is Not Essential)

17 Jun 2017 - keyser

Most minimalists tend to look for inspiration online from time to time. Some people check pinterest, others tumblr, others instagram, some prefer blogs. What we usually stumble upon is tips, and most of the times, said tips are accompained with beautiful pictures of houses and/or spaces with very defined aesthetics. The vast majority of those are either black and white apartments or white on white spaces, with expensive white furniture and a room that seems almost designed to have those items in.

The truth is that they most likely are. That is why trying to obtain that is futile. You could, technically, design your house from scratch, but in reality there is only a minority of people who have the funds to do that whenever they please. There is also plenty of people who are not into that particular, timeless B&W aesthetic, and that is completely fine- the impression that minimalism is black and white is simply wrong, for minimalism is just a tool to minimize stress and maximize joy.

Instead, we can do the next best thing: look around us and figure out how to make our space the best it can be. How would you arrange your current furniture? Will you sell some and use the money to buy new ones? Think of the most efficient and practical way to store your belongings, and get rid of the ones you do not use or do not make you happy anymore.

Some people, however, do not care about style at all. To them (maybe you!) practicality is where it is at. And we should never feel the need to force our style or need for style onto others! If you want a new place to start over and can afford it, amazing. If you want to style your current place by doing some minor changes, great. If you instead want to focus on having everything you need at hand and not worry about the beauty of it, excellent. But never forget minimalistic style is not essential to your journey. You are still a minimalist if your house or closet does not look like it belongs on an after picture of Extreme Makeover.