Big Leaps

09 Jun 2018 - whereskeyser

Deciding to move on is always hard. Usually, we move on from something or someone within our comfort zone, and it scares the hell out of us. Sometimes it’s a job, an entire career; others it’s a friend or partner.

Taking these big leaps can be rewarding, provided we think about them carefully (most of the times. Rush decisions are the best in rare occasions). Yet we still find ourselves doubting our abilities to push through with the changes. What if I fail? What if this doesn’t end up making money? What if I miss my old life? What if, what if, what if-

There comes a point where we have to stop growing a neverending tree full of ‘what if’ branches, and just decide. We need to know there is always luck involved— You can plan everything down to a T and still, everything can go downhill. It’s hard to let go of the fear, however, so assessing the risks is not a bad thing at all. It took me a long time, years really, to figure out when to stop thinking before it becomes overthinking when it comes to big decisions.

There is also something else to take into account, however, besides commodity. Will you find happiness in the long run in that commodity? If the prospect of following your actual routine for the rest of your life seems unbearable, you should take the steps to move and find happiness elsewhere. Elsewhere can mean thousands of miles away, or around the corner. Elsewhere doesn’t have to be a where specifically, but a change in your routine, who you see, or how you behave.

Big leaps are scary, but most of the times, they are worth it. There’s a reason you got the idea to take one in the first place, right? Often, remembering the why behind it makes us feel braver and take the first step. But don’t do it just to be brave—  Adventures are fun, but may have consecuences. Weigh the pros and cons, decide, and good luck!

-Keyser (Who just took the biggest leap).