Impulse Buying (and how to stop)

22 Apr 2018 - keyser

Whether you have a shopping addiction, are into minimalism or are just curious about the topic, we are all guilty of impulse buying. Present tense. We all do it from time to time, at varying degrees- some buy their favourite candy after seeing it at the store, others max out their credit cards buying shoes. But how do people fight that urge?

To stop impulse buying you need to things: Time and willingness to do so. Time is needed because you will not be able to completely change your mindset when it comes to purchasing items from one day to the other. You first need to start recognizing your patterns- What kind of items do you tend to regret buying? How much do you spend on them? How much in a year would you save up by stopping that impulse? How much space is it taking up in your house? These are questions you’ll have to ask yourself over the first couple of months. You’ll buy something without thinking and then realize it was an unnecessary purchase; don’t let that stop you. You’ll notice you could have saved up $100 this month if you hadn’t bought something unnecessary; don’t let that stop you.

You will need to actually want change. If you decided to work on yourself and your habits just because someone told you to do so, but you still think they are wrong, you do not need to start this- you need to work on your vision first. Figure out why impulse buying affects you and people around you. Research how advertising is carefully designed to target people like you, who don’t think before they buy. Once you know how it all works, you will start focusing on what you actually like and not what is trending or what marketers make you think you “absolutely need”.

So in short, if you’re patient enough and are looking forward to change, you’re already halfway there. The rest is just informing yourself and setting a reason why you want said change to be made, whether it is you want to save money, be less anxious, have less things, appreciate what you buy more, etc. Start being more conscious when you are out shopping, and only actually go shopping when you know exactly what you need, and keep that in mind. Keeping track of your expenses and seeing how they start to change will give you a boost of encouragement and help you keep going. After a couple of months, the difference will be incredible.

So go ahead, start researching and good luck!