Making a notebook

28 Aug 2017 - whereskeyser

This post is a tiny bit different but I felt like sharing what my 5am self gets up to!

I made this notebook from scratch:


To do it, I grabbed 30 A4 pages and folded each in half. i made groups of five, put them together like a mini book, stitched each of them, and piled them on top of each other, like this:

This is where it gets confusing. After that, I took one sheet of photographic paper and used adhesive to glue the last page of the last group of folded A4 pages to it, then glued the side of the photo paper to the side of the remainder of pages. Lastly, I glued the first page of the notebook to the last flap of photographic paper. As you can see in the first picture, you can see a strip of the first inner page. I could’ve used bigger paper for the cover but I personally liked the way it would look, so I didn’t.

Lastly, I drew the outer design. In hindsight, I would’ve drawn it before folding the paper, but since I was just experimenting I figured I wouldn’t risk wasting my time in case it didn’t work.

I’m aware this isn’t how you PROPERLY make a notebook (the actual stitching process is different, the cover should be stronger, glued in a better way, etc) but again, it was 5am and I just wanted to see what I could do with what I had in hand.


I should get some sleep after this allnighter.