Minimalism After Declutter

05 May 2018 - whereskeyser

Most people discover minimalism after they realize they own too much. The first thing they hear about it is decluttering, so they get excited and start looking for ways to do it.

Weeks or months go by and suddenly, they finish decluttering. It feels amazing, but then… What?

This has happened to all of us, most likely, even if you know there is more to minimalism than object counts. This is because decluttering is the biggest physical change when you start down this road. It is by far the most instantly rewarding quality of it. Cutting off toxic people from your life, making healthy changes to your habits, and everything the lifestyle entails is awesome in the long run, but we need the excitement of short-term goals to keep us motivated.

What is there to be done?

The answer is not definitive, it depends on why you started making changes in the first place. If you were happy all the time and were stressed about clutter only, then congrats! Your path is short and you’ve reached your destiny. Just focus on spending your money consciously and not cluttering your spaces again.

If, however, you had other goals in mind, you need to create a plan of action. Was clutter just a part of it all? Is the stress coming from work, school, your social circle? You need to figure out how to approach it all.


The path to minimalism doesn’t go on forever

It’s always good to remind yourself there isn’t always something to do. You should take measures to improve your life, and maintain them. This always takes a bit of time, getting used to a new lifestyle. Yet it shouldn’t become your life. Minimalism is a tool for improvement, it shouldn’t be a crutch. Many times, the need to do something comes from getting to a place where everything is solved.

Once you do reach that milestone, celebrate! You have more time to dedicate to your hobbies and passions instead of having to think what is the next step towards improvement.